7 Signs you’re ready for an Open Relationship

Why not try opening your relationship? It could be exactly what you need. However, it’s a major decision that you can’t just dive into. Consider the below points to know if you’re ready.

You’re Thinking of Cheating

At some point in a relationship, it’s normal to think about having an affair. Things in the bedroom may not be what they used to be.

Having an affair could destroy your relationship, however. This is where an open relationship comes in. You and your partner could agree that seeing other people is best for both of you. Once you make this decision, it’s pretty easy to find others through sites like swipe-affair. You can also wrangle someone you like in bars.

Your Relationship is dying

Not only could the chemistry be gone in the bedroom, but the two of you might be constantly fighting. This could be due to many reasons. Seeing other people would let you blow off some steam, and you’ll be in a more stress-free environment.

Open relationships are also pretty exciting. Maybe there’ll be a spark that you didn’t experience before, making things more intimate for the two of you.

You Don’t Care About What Others Think

Society has progressed. Many types of behavior that were considered taboo have become more acceptable. People have started to view open relationships in a more positive light. However, you’ll still find plenty of individuals who would judge you for being in one. That’s why if you go into it worried about what others might think, you’ll become very insecure.

If you want to test the waters but are scared of what others might say, try speaking to people who are already in open relationships. They’ll convince you otherwise. Maybe you don’t know anyone who is in one. That’s why it’s great that the internet is around – don’t be afraid to go through forums.

There Is No Insecurity

As you can imagine, maintaining an open relationship can be hard. However, this is the case only if you’re someone who struggles with insecurities. If you’re not a person who tends to get jealous, trying it out may work well for you.

Of course, you have to talk to your partner. You might have conquered feelings of jealousy but what about them? Will they be alright once you start seeing other people? You need to have a lengthy discussion and squash any doubts that come up. Once again, talking to someone who’s been in an open relationship would be helpful.

It’s Just Going to Be Flings

The change could be fun as it is just the two of you seeing other people in the bedroom. Just remember to be careful. You might be the type of person that can’t differentiate between intimacy and emotion. The arrangement could be a disaster waiting to happen – you might fall in love with the person you have been seeing.

It’s hard to figure out if you are this type of person or not. It requires some deep thinking and discussions with your partner.

It’s What Your Partner Wants

You could be happy with how your relationship is going. Sadly, your partner may be getting bored with things. You shouldn’t be afraid to try an open relationship then. It would keep your significant other happy. And as you’re aware, you get to try out new things too.

You’re Okay with Uncertainty

When it comes to relationships, there are no rules set in stone. You have to go with the punches; there will be a lot of uncertainty. You’re probably aware of this, and if you are comfortable with it, diving into the arrangement would be alright.

Final Thoughts

Being in a closed relationship may not be the right move for you and your partner. Spicing things up would take a lot of stress off the two of you. You can’t just jump into things, though. You need to consider all the points discussed above. Most importantly, decide whether you’re ready for it. A lot of insecurity and jealousy could come up otherwise.

You need to make sure that it’s exactly what the two of you want. A messy situation could arise if your loved one was never happy with the arrangement from the beginning.

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