A Foreigner’s Guide To Dating A Brit – 7 Important Things You Should Know

The UK is a great place to visit if you’re a tourist. However, our dating scene is quite different. It’s probably nothing like you’ve experienced before, and there are a few things to consider. Knowing these will make your date with a Brit go as smoothly as possible. We’ve discussed them below, so read ahead.

Online Dating Is Huge

If you’re in the UK and want to date a local, going to a pub to meet someone is not going to work. Most people in pubs want to have a good time and unwind with their friends. They won’t be looking for a hookup. In fact, Brits love finding people through dating sites. Dating sites like flirtilla.com are especially popular.

If you visit a dating site, you’ll realize that the majority of its users are from the UK. You shouldn’t be shy when reaching out to them. As you’ll see below, the British like being straightforward.

Expect Sarcasm

British humour is one of the best types of humour in the world. We’re known to be very ironic and throw a lot of jabs.

When you want to date someone from the UK, keep this in mind. Or else, you might get offended by some types of jokes. This is especially true as we riddle our conversations with sarcasm.

Brits are huge on throwing sly, passive-aggressive remarks. To many, this can seem offensive. However, we don’t mean it personally.

If you don’t prepare for this beforehand, you can only imagine how poor your dating experience will be.

We’re Not the Most Emotive

It’s no surprise that we’re not the most emotive people. Compared to other nationalities, Brits are known to be dry. This can be a turn-off as you’d think we’re not interested in you.

Although we might have a hard outer shell, we are not hard to crack. We might seem distant at first but that doesn’t mean we don’t like you. We love it when people open up. Disclaimer, though, we tend to be honest with our responses.  

We Don’t Mind Dates Anywhere

We are very casual about dates. You don’t have to take us to a fancy spot to have a good time. The best place to go would be a pub. In the UK, we take our pubs seriously. There are many types, and going to a pub is like fine-dining to us. Having a first date with someone in a pub would sound insane to most foreigners, but it’s normal to us.

We’re always ready for a good time, so don’t worry about splurging on a lavish meal.

We take our pubs seriously. If you didn’t know, there are etiquettes you should follow at a pub. Don’t forget to keep them in mind. Otherwise, you’ll make a fool of yourself.

We Get Right to It

If you’ve gone on dates with someone in your country, you’d most likely get intimate with them after a few meet-ups. It doesn’t work like that in the UK. We are fast-paced and jump right into things. That’s why you’ll likely be hitting the sheets at the end of the night if the date went well.

The fact that we get right into it might throw people off. However, you should just relax and go with the flow.

We Love Sports

There’s something you need to know about Brits. We love sports. Most of us are football fans, so starting a conversation about the sport is a good move. If you go on a date to a pub, you’ll see soccer games screened on TVs. You should probably brush up on your soccer knowledge as well. This will help you woo your date successfully.

Many of us are fans of Cricket too. Having a bit of cricket knowledge would surely impress your date. Some of us are Rugby fans as well.

Case in point, we take sports very seriously.

We Hate Fake Accents

Before you go on a date, try to keep this in mind. Never speak to us in a fake British accent. The chances of you nailing it are incredibly low. Badly done accents are embarrassing. If you speak to your date like this, you’ll look stupid, and probably not get another chance.


If you’re a foreigner who wants to date a Brit, there are many things to keep in mind. These tips should help your date go well. You’ll also have to get used to the British character. We are rather blunt, so don’t take anything personally. This would prevent you from getting offended by your date.

The British aren’t the most emotive people. So if your date doesn’t open up to you at first, this is normal. They could be just shy.

 We hope these tips will help you with the dating scene as a tourist in the UK.

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