BeNaughty Failing You? Here’s How Swipe-Affair Picks Up the Slack

If you are looking for hookups, you may have given the BeNaughty dating site or app a try. After all, it promises to find you numerous potential partners within your desired distance.

If you are looking for hookups, you may have given the BeNaughty dating site or app a try. After all, it promises to find you numerous potential partners within your desired distance. Now, if you have taken this site for a test drive, you may have found that it is failing you miserably.

Don’t give up on all sites just yet, though – may just become your new favorite website instead. Not sure about this? Well, check out all the features of Swipe-Affair and see how BeNaughty measures up. You can guarantee that there will be no competition…

What Can Swipe-Affair Do for You

So, what exactly does Swipe-Affair have in store for you and how is it different from BeNaughty? Now, on the surface, these two sites can seem rather alike. Swipe-Affair is largely about having discreet affairs – however the site is open to anyone. While the focus is on extra-marital affairs, the site is quite well-rounded. As such, it does give people the chance to find real intimacy and happiness.

BeNaughty claims to do the same. Its main purpose is to make it easy for people to find hookups within their chosen area. At the same time, the site claims that it is well-suited to encouraging real relationships as well. However, as you will find out later, this isn’t the case at all!

Swipe-Affair Offers You a Perfect Women-to-Men Ratio

The biggest issue with most dating sites is that the men tend to outnumber the women quite a bit. This ends up being a rather sad situation for both parties. The women receive far too many messages for them to respond to and the men are stuck fighting over a handful of women.

Well, this isn’t something that you will experience with Swipe-Affair. The site has become fairly popular in recent times, bumping up the membership. Best of all, though, this membership is balanced out really well. This means that you will find an equal amount of men and women.

As an added bonus, Swipe-Affair has achieved international fame. So, if you are looking for love outside of the UK, there is a good chance that you will find it!

So, how does BeNaughty perform in this area? Quite poorly, unfortunately. It appears that nearly all the real profiles on the site are of men. It is difficult to know if there are any women on the site at all. While there may be a few, you will have your work cut out finding them!

The Sign Up Process and Constructing a Profile

Signing up on is super easy!

It can be difficult to commit to a new dating website right of the bat. Well, Swipe-Affair doesn’t expect you to do this at all. This is because it lets you sign up for its services for free. You just have to provide some basic information like username, gender, age, location, and email address.

You are given the option of verifying your email address. When you do this, your profile is seen as being more reliable. For men, this shows women that you are safe. For women, this proves that your account is real.

Once you have done this, you are given full access to your profile. Remember how Swipe-Affair is committed to help you find all kinds of relationships? Well, it does this by encouraging users to add as many details to their profile as possible, including images.

This results in members having more fleshed-out profiles. Thus, when you are looking through the profiles, you won’t have to just focus on your looks. You can also get an idea of how well you might get along with these people as well.

Don’t worry about giving away too much information about yourself, though. Swipe-Affair lets you keep this information private. You only need to share it with people that you want to.

It is free to sign up for BeNaughty as well. However, there is no need to add any information to your profiles at all. Unfortunately, this is a stance that appears to be taken by most members. So, when you go through the profiles, you will find that there is virtually no information present here at all. As such, it can be difficult to know if someone is a good match for you.

I’ve tried multiple sites in the past, but Swipe-affair was the only one that really worked.

Greg from East London

Using the Site

If you are still not sure about Swipe-Affair, that’s fine. The site gives you the opportunity to utilize a free trial. This means that you can create your profile, check out the features, and even check out profiles all without having to make any payment.

Some Profiles We Found on

In case you like what you see, then you can sign up for a subscription. If not, you can simply move along. With Swipe-Affair, it is completely above board.

Now, things aren’t as straightforward with BeNaughty. If you haven’t signed up for a subscription, your options are limited. When it comes to other members’ profiles, for instance, you can only see one image. The rest of the information is hidden from.

If you want to take a test drive of the site, you are expected to pay a daily or a weekly fee. So, if you don’t like the site, you are still out of some money.

Finding Members

Looking for members on Swipe-Affair is a total breeze. With the help of a search function, you are able to look up all kinds of profiles. This means that you can find people based on their location, interests, or more! It doesn’t matter what you are looking for, Swipe-Affair will cater to these needs.

BeNaughty has a search filter too – however, this is limited by how much information the other member has chosen to share. Also, when you do use this filter, you will learn that many of the profiles are fake. It is only once you come to this point of the website that you will realize that BeNaughty doesn’t have much to offer you at all.  

Communicating with Members

With Swipe-Affair, there a couple of different ways to communicate with the members. If you are feeling bold, go ahead and message them directly. In case you are putting feelers out to see if they may be interested, you can send them flirts instead. Since there is a good ratio of men to women, your chances of getting a reply either way are quite high.

BeNaughty also gives you a few options. You can send messages directly or engage in FlirtCasts. This is where a generic message is sent to numerous people – this will cost extra. Due to the unbalanced member ratio, FlirtCasts are a waste of money. And, since they are so generic, they aren’t all that effective anyways.

Cost and Payment

Where Swipe-Affair really shines is with the cost. Most dating sites – BeNaughty included – will charge subscription fees. This means that you have to pay a lump sum for a specific time period. This isn’t the case with Swipe-Affair, though. Here, you only have to pay to exchange messages with other members.

You buy coins and then use these to send messages. Now, the beauty behind this setup is that you never spend too much money. So, even if you don’t use the site for a long period of time, that is fine – you aren’t getting charged anything additional.

With BeNaughty, you have to sing up for a subscription plan. What’s worse is that these plans have been set up so that the short term plans are expensive and the long term ones are cheaper (but not cheap!). Why does BeNaughty do this? Well, it knows that most people won’t use the site for that long, particularly due to the low membership. So, it makes a profit while providing you with a minimum number of features.

Security Features

One of the most impressive elements of Swipe-Affair is how security conscious it is. For one thing, as mentioned, you can safeguard a great deal of your information from the other people on the site. For another, the site uses SSL certificates to protect financial information.

Swipe-Affair is also quite diligent in protecting its members from scams and frauds. It keeps a close watch on any and all activity. The site also encourages people to report potential scams or extortions and deals with the problem.

BeNaughty, on the other hand, is filled with scams! The members are either bots or are trying to get people to hand over their money. Thus, you are constantly dealing with fraudulent people. The site says outright that they leave security measures in the hands of the users. As such, you are expected to practice safe dating measures.

In Conclusion

So, what’s the final verdict? Well, it’s pretty clear that Swipe-Affair is the clear winner here. The site has better features, has a more sensible payment plan, and respects your privacy. Not to mention, as its popularity grows, there are even more members to connect with.

On the contrary, BeNaughty is essentially a scam. There are very few legitimate profiles and the site is a costly affair. Thus, it doesn’t make much sense to sign up or use the services that this website has to offer.

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