Boxed In By Elite Singles? Here’s How Swipe-Affair Lets You Spread Your Wings

If you are looking for love or a short-term relationship, then Elite Singles will have undoubtedly cropped up on your radar. Of course, as you may have also learned the reviews for this site aren’t all that great.

If you are looking for love or a short-term relationship, then Elite Singles will have undoubtedly cropped up on your radar. Of course, as you may have also learned the reviews for this site aren’t all that great. If this has given you pause – good! Because Elite Singles isn’t the only game in town. Swipe-Affair has a much better concept to help you find what you are looking for.

Now, if you haven’t heard too much about Swipe-Affair, that’s alright. The following article will tell you exactly what you need to know about this dating site. Furthermore, it will outline just how Swipe-Affair is a far superior choice than Elite Singles. Let’s get started!

What Swipe-Affair Has to Offer You

So, how is it that Swipe-Affair can help you? Well, one of this site’s greatest achievements is versatility. This means that it caters to a wide variety of users. Swipe-Affair is largely meant for individuals who are looking for extra-marital affairs. However, it doesn’t discriminate in any way. Anyone can join up.

What is just as wonderful is that the site works for people looking for all kinds of relationships. Searching for a hookup? Swipe-Affair will match you with likeminded individuals. Need a long-term relationship? Then you can find someone who shares the same interests as you.

Now, what can Elite Singles offer you? Well, this dating site has a rather specific audience in mind. The whole concept is to match people with college-level educations with one another. Thus, it’s aim is to help people in higher socio-economic statuses come together.

The very concept of this site can be limiting. Since the website is so fussy about its user base, there aren’t as many people signing up for the site. This reduces your chance of finding a suitable match. There is also the fact that similar education levels isn’t really a good enough matching point. After all, there are more important things.

Swipe-Affair Boasts a Balanced Membership

Swipe-Affair also has the benefit of offering a very balanced membership. This means that the number of women and men on the site are virtually equal. Such a ratio has advantages for both parties. For women, it means that they aren’t constantly being messaged by heaps of men. Instead, they are approached by more suitable matches.

As for the men, this balanced membership ensures that they don’t have to compete with many other men for attention of women. Thus, men will find it far easier to match and connect with women that they are truly interested in.

With Elite Singles, though, there is a rather interesting scenario. There are more women than men. Now, this may seem like a good thing, but it can be a downfall for both women and men. The female members are less likely to be messaged by a man. And, men may have a harder time pinpointing just one or two women that they really want to connect with.

It should also be noted that the members on this website do tend to be older. As such, you are far more likely to encounter those over the age of 30 and many more older than this.

Signing Up and Creating a Profile

Signing Up on

Signing up with Swipe-Affair is a quick and painless affair. When you are registering with the site, you simply have to provide your email address, gender, age, location, and username – nothing more! This is great if you are still just testing out the site and don’t want to give away too much information.

Once you have created your profile, you are given complete access to it free of charge. At this point, the site will motivate you to add additional information and to post images as well. This helps you to create a more attractive profile. However, this can be done rather quickly.

With Elite Singles, the process can be rather laboring. You have to complete a questionnaire answering question after question. Not to mention, these questions are phrased in such a way that makes it easy for some members to misrepresent themselves. While the site claims that all this questions are being put to good use, you will find later on this article why this isn’t necessarily the case…

I tried Elite Singles a few times but it didn’t seem to work. Swipe-Affair worked wonders however…

Chris from Manchester

Using the Site

With Swipe-Affair, you are given a chance to check out the site for free. When you create your profile and verify your identity, you are given free coins. This allows you to peruse the site, check out profiles, and see what this site holds for you.

This isn’t the case with Elite Singles at all. While you can create your profile for free, you can’t do much else at all. For instance, you can’t even check out pictures on a profile! You have to sign up for a subscription if you want to see what the site has to offer.

Finding the Right Matches

With Swipe-Affair you can pick out your own matches. You can use the search option to find people bases on their location, age, location, and more! So, if you have a particular type, it is a lot easier to narrow down the list.

With Elite Singles, all the decisions are made for you. The site uses your answers to provide you with several potential matches every day. However, there is a slight issue – Elite Singles doesn’t appear to actually take your answers into consideration at all. Instead, you get matches that have very little in common with you.

Some girls we found on

To make matters worse, Elite Singles only shows you people who are very far away – sometimes several towns over. This is probably because the site doesn’t have too many members. Thus, it can be tricky to find someone who lives close to you.

Now, there is an opportunity for members to make a Wild Card match. This is your chosen match from a random deck of members. However, if you accidentally pass on this profile, you will not get access to it ever again.

Communication Features

With Swipe-Affair, you can communicate with other members through a couple of different ways. If you are a bit shy but want to show you are interested, then you can simply send someone a Wink. This helps to get the ball rolling in the right direction.

Don’t mind being bold? Then go ahead and send them a direct message. Particularly when it comes to men, this is the best option. And, since there is an even number of members, there is a higher chance that you will receive a reply.

With Elite Singles, the communication process is pretty straightforward. You can send them text messages. It is also possible for you to send emoticons instead of text as well.

Price and Payment

What’s great about Swipe-Affair is that it offers you a free trial. Thus, you get to try out the site before making any commitments. So, by the time that you do

Let’s face it, how much time do you actually spend on dating sites? Probably not a lot. As such, it doesn’t really make sense for you to sign up for a package. By doing this, you are just wasting money by paying for when you aren’t even on the site.

Free Coins on

This is why Swipe-Affair uses a pay-as-you-go system. Here, you pay for a set number of coins. Then, you use those coins to message people. And, that is it! You only ever pay for the level of activity on your site. As such, it doesn’t matter if you stay away from your account for ages, you aren’t losing any money.

Now, Elite Singles follows a traditional subscription plan. This means that you can often end up spending far more than you need to use the site. On top of this, it is actually a rather pricey site as well. Thus, you have to invest quite a bit.

As for the subscription plans – they are one month, three months, and twelve months long. The one month plan is the most expensive with the three month and twelve month plan being more affordable. This isn’t done by accident.

Although Elite Singles encourages people to sign up for a year, the site is aware that you aren’t going to use the site for that long. Nevertheless, they get to pocket your money without giving much in return.

Security Features

Swipe-Affair goes to great lengths to keep your privacy safe. It monitors all activity on the site to catch out any scammers or fraudsters. It also ensures that there is no chance of you being blackmailed or scammed out of any amount of money. The SSL certificates on the site make certain that all financial transactions are secure.

While Elite Singles has decent security measures, it isn’t great with the verification process. As such, it can be difficult to know if the members actually hold the positions that they do and if they make as much money as claimed.

The Final Verdict

It is clear that Swipe-Affair is the far better option for you. It doesn’t matter what kind of relationship you are looking for, this site can meet all your needs. Elite Singles, on the other hand has a minimal user base and has trouble matching people with suitable partners.

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