C-Date.co.uk is Old News. Here’s Why Swipe-Affair is Your Best Choice

For a while, C-Date.co.uk was one of the only sites available to you for flings and discreet affairs. If you have tried this site out, though, you know that it comes with its fair share of issues. So, if you are fed up of bad choices and poor quality service, then you are going to want to check out Swipe-Affair.com. It may be a new arrival but it is already making waves on the online dating scene.

Of course, after your experiences with C-Date, you may be hesitant to check out Swipe-Affair.com. If this is the case, then you have come to the right place. You can discover just what it is that Swipe-Affair.com can do for your love life and how it is so much better than C-Date. Let’s get started!

Get a Free Trial with Swipe-Affair

Let’s face it, no one wants to pay for a website that they know nothing about. And, if an online dating site is making you pay to play from the very start, this usually means that there is something wrong with it.

This is why it is so great that Swipe-Affair offers you a free trial. When you first register with the site and create your profile, you are given free coins. You can use these to explore the site as well as check out and message various profiles.

In short, you get to see if the site is legitimate. And, just as importantly, you get to figure out whether Swipe-Affair is right for you. During this free trial period, you get to familiarize yourself with the site as well. So, by the time that you move onto paid services, you are a pro at making the most of your online dating experiences.

Now, this isn’t the case at all with C-Date. While you can sign up for free, you are almost completely paralyzed without a subscription plan. You can’t see profiles, go through the site, or send messages. Due to this, you have no idea what you are getting into. Instead, you have to take a blind leap of faith – one that is rarely rewarded with C-Date.

Swipe-Affair Boasts Multiple Uses

For the most part, Swipe-Affair is meant for quick flings. However, on this site, there is no need to limit yourself. You can actually find all kinds of relationships here. It doesn’t matter if you are there for a one night stand or something a little more long-term – there are sure to be plenty of people who fit your criteria.

With C-Date, there isn’t so much of promise. This is a dating site that you only head to for hook-ups. Due to this, things can get pretty straightforward. Members on this site aren’t interested in romance or really wooing you, they get straight to the point.

Swipe-Affair Provides Real Profiles

Profiles on Swipe-affair.com

One of the biggest fears with online dating is all the bots and potential fake profiles that you have to deal with. Needless to say, no one wants to waste their timing matching up with scam artists or bots. The good news is that this isn’t something that you have to be concerned with Swipe-Affair.com

This is because Swipe-Affair gets all users to verify their email addresses. As a result, the site can immediately tell who is a real user and who is a fake one. Furthermore, the site also monitors profiles rather closely. So, if there is even a hint of a fake profile, it is immediately removed.

Swipe-Affair also encourages you to fill out your profile properly, complete with photos and details that can help you find suitable matches. The more complete your profile is, the more chances of you getting additional views.

Once again, this tactic helps to weed out any fake users. After all, these individuals are unlikely to make an effort to come up with detailed profiles. Bots are also thrown off course with these profiles.

C-Date doesn’t seem to make any effort to keep such profiles off of their site. There is no screening process and virtually anyone can sign up to their site. This has caused two major issues on the site.

First, there is a massive imbalance between the male and female users. There is an overwhelming number of men on the site and few, real women. This means that women are bombarded with too many messages and the men are left waiting around for any kind of response.

Another problem is that most of the female profiles are actually fake. They are either created by scammers or as bots. Therefore, men can actually spend a lot of time on this site and not have any kind of luck at all.

Pay as You Use with Swipe-Affair

No one really has the time to spend all day on a dating website. In many instances, you can only check in occasionally, like on the weekend or when you are facing a particularly lonely night. However, most dating sites come as subscription packages for one, three, and six months. Thus, you have to sign up for one of these.

Of course, with these subscription packages, you never really get your money’s worth. So, you end up losing quite a bit of money, especially when you hit those busy periods when you can’t really check in with the site.

Swipe-affair Payment System

With Swipe-Affair, though, you don’t have to worry about wasting money at all. This is because it follows a pay-per-use system. Only when you want to send messages or use specific features do you need to pay. Then, you simply have to purchase a set number of coins. Beyond this, there is no payment involved.

Now, there are many different advantages to this kind of setup. Naturally, this means that you will not be spending any more money than absolutely necessary. This is great for when you need to take short breaks from online dating.

Also, because you don’t have to sign up for a subscription, you don’t have to worry about auto-renewals stealing your money. In addition to helping you save money, you also don’t have to go through the hassle of changing the auto renewal features either.

This is one area that C-Date has failed rather badly. For one thing, you have to sign up for a subscription package. And, the prices aren’t cheap. There are also plenty of additional charges that cause this subscription cost to go up quite a bit.

The main issue with C-Date, though, is that the site has set things up so that your subscription is automatically renewed for an extended period of time. And, trying to reverse this process is an absolute mess. The company doesn’t appear to have a proper method for cancelling your subscription. As such, the costs can continue to build up over time.

Chicks on C-date are way too slow for me. Hookups are so much easier and faster on Swipe-affair.com!

James from London

Protect Your Privacy with Swipe-Affair

Privacy can be of the utmost importance with online dating. This is especially true if you are only looking for quick flings and don’t want to offer up too much of information regarding yourself. It is also vital that the site that you are signing up with doesn’t require you to divulge too many personal details.

As an added bonus, it is entirely up to you to decide which images on your profile you want to show. You can make any pictures private until you trust another member enough to let them use it. This feature is quite helpful to women, in particular.

C-Date doesn’t have such privacy features in place. Thus, any paying member can have access to your information all at once.

Swipe-Affair Protects Your Anonymity and Financial Information

With Swipe-Affair, you only have to use a username with your profile. And, the other members on the site only have access to the information that you wish them to know about. As such, the company and other members can’t learn personal details that you aren’t willing to share.

Now, financial transactions do require you to provide certain information such as credit card details, etc. However, there is no need to be concerned about this. Swipe-Affair protects all your transactions with the help of SSL certificates on the site.

What’s more, Swipe-Affair tends to sweep the site quite often. This allows them to keep track of anyone trying to request financial aid from other members on the site. They also encourage members to report any and all scams or wrongdoing.

The security features on C-Date are limited. In fact, the site doesn’t even describe what the specific security features are. Thus, you have to simply assume that they are in place and working.

As you can see, Swipe-Affair has so much to offer you in terms of meeting people, having hook-ups, and enjoying all the features on the site. You can use this dating site with peace of mind, knowing that your privacy will be respected. At the same time, there is no need to worry about you falling into any kind of scam or trap.

So, if you assumed that C-Date is the only option for you, think again. Swipe-Affair may be the new kid on the block, but you can guarantee that it is the right choice for you.

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