Free or Paid Dating What’s Best in 2021?

You may be eager to get into the online dating game. However, before you sign up for a dating site, you need to know which ones deserve your time.

You may be eager to get into the online dating game. However, before you sign up for a dating site, you need to know which ones deserve your time.

There are so many out there, and you have the option of choosing either paid or free dating sites. In our opinion, using paid dating sites is more advantageous.

If you want to know why keep reading:

Better Customer Service

The problem with using a free dating site is that if you face a certain issue, you’ll find it hard to get it solved. The customer service will very likely be slow and most of the time, they won’t have call centers. The email representatives might be rather rude as well.

If you use a paid site, you’ll have more options to get your complaint across as the free dating site may only have a FAQ section.

Better Interface

One of the benefits of using a paid site is that the interface looks pretty good. The team wants you to get your money’s worth, so everything is as clean as possible.

Not only does it look good, but the interface could also be easy to use. A free dating site may be full of clutter.

A paid dating site could also be much faster. This is because they want users to have a smooth experience, so they hire expert web developers.

An App

Because they want you to get your money’s worth, the paid dating site may offer a mobile app. Obviously, the chances of this being on a free dating site are very low.

Although it may not seem that important, an app is beneficial as you can continue your dating efforts while on the go.

An Insight

It’s common knowledge that dating sites work through algorithms. They take your data and find people that match you. This is the norm, even with free dating sites. However, if you use a free dating site, you’re missing out on something.

Paid sites offer you insights on how well your hunt is going. Over time, the algorithm would collect information about your likes and dislikes, and feed you this.

The data will be packaged in a nice description of your dating style. As you can imagine, this can be very useful. This is because if you’re having a hard time finding someone, this information could show you what you need to work on to get better results.

Some free dating sites could offer an insight feature. Not all have this, but when they do, you should know it won’t be as thorough as those you see on a paid site. In fact, some of the points may be general, so it could lead you the wrong way.

Your Data

You might not know that many free websites sell your data. This is one of the ways that free sites continue to survive. You may think they function through ads, but this is definitely not enough.

No one wants their data sold, so you’re better off using a paid dating site. A paid site doesn’t sell your data, since a user’s continuous payments cover everything.


In terms of your data being sold, you can see how exactly this is done. Dating sites, whether free or not, have a privacy policy that gives you a glimpse into this.

Although a paid dating site won’t sell your data, they may offer users greater transparency as you have a more in-depth, easy to read the privacy policy.

Better Search Options

Many people are looking for the love of their life when they sign up for dating sites. As dating sites have such large user bases, this increases their chances. Unfortunately, this is a double-edged sword as the sheer number of people can be impossible to sift through.

That’s why there are search options, helping you find people to your liking. In fact, these options may be quite basic. If you were to pay for a dating site, your options for filters drastically increase. This makes it much easier for you to find someone.

A Better Bio

One of the benefits of paying for your membership is that you’re increasing your chances of improving your profile. When filling out your bio, you may be restricted by a few hundred words. Obviously, such a small word count isn’t enough to fully describe yourself.

This is where a paid dating site is beneficial as they bump up your word limit. This makes it easier for you to find a great match as you are allowed to give out more information.

A Better Photo Album

As we already established, you won’t be able to add as many words in your bio with a free dating site. Unfortunately, this isn’t the only thing that’s restricted.

The free dating site may have restrictions on the number of pictures you can post. On the other hand, a paid site allows you to post as many pictures as you like, allowing people to know exactly what you look like.

This isn’t the only way your photo features are restricted. You could be restricted by the number of photo albums you can have as well.

Explicit Content

Dating sites try and be as user-friendly as possible. This is why the majority of them have inappropriate content cut out.

This is the case with many free dating sites. Thankfully, you can overcome this issue if you decide to pay for your account. A lot of the time, sites enable you to post explicit content and view other member’s explicit content when you pay for a membership.


We all love free things. Although it’s somewhat contradictory, paying for a dating site allows you to get a lot of free things.

For example, they may have promotions for paid users, giving them coupons for a range of restaurants for first dates. In the long run, these coupons could be quite valuable and offer amazing deals considering the low amount you’re paying.


It’s clear that dating paid sites are a lot better than free dating sites. That’s why if you’re interested in dating, these sites will give you the best results. So, don’t be afraid to take the leap. You can see some of our reviews of paid uk dating sites here and out of all of them, we would recommend as the best site to find a date.

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