Testing Victoria Milan – Here’s the Verdict

Victoria Milan is a website that is specifically targeted towards individuals who want to have an affair. Now, this dating site isn’t unique in its premise – there are several out there that offer the same opportunities.

However, we decided to test out just how well Victoria Milan functions for the average person. We were interested to see how it would fare when compared to other established sites like Swipe-Affair.com.

Here is what we found:

Testing Victoria Milan

The User Base

One of the more important aspects of any dating site is the number of people that are on it. Well, according to Victoria Milan, they host around 6.7 million users. Nevertheless, the site doesn’t offer any details on how many individuals are active for a particular reason.

Of course, the number of users alone isn’t enough to let you know whether or not you can find an individual to have an affair with. What is more important is the male to female ratio on the site. Well, this is where things get a little skewed.

On average, there are far more men than women on the site. This means that if you are a man looking for a suitable paramour, you are going to have a great deal of competition. Needless to say, this greatly decreases the chances of you finding someone. This is especially if you’re looking for someone who has a specific trait or similar interests to you.

With sites like Swipe-Affair, the user base may not be quite so high. However, there is a great deal more balance between the men and the women. This creates a more pleasant experience for both male and female users.

Prices and Payment System

While some of the features on Victoria Milan are free, most of them need to be unlocked with payment. The unfortunate thing is that you are required to pay a lump sum upfront. As such, you aren’t given too much opportunity to test out the site before you decide whether or not it is right for you.

Instead, you are expected to take a leap of faith and go all in. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like the site or aren’t getting any responses. You are essentially stuck with your subscription until it expires. So, you may end up wasting quite a bit of money.

If you were to use Swipe-Affair, though, you can sign up for a period of your choosing. Furthermore, there is a trial period available. This allows you to test things out before you decide to invest in a subscription.

Interactions with Users

To properly test the system, we created male profiles and tried to match and message with other users. As we suspected, it was difficult to find women that would respond to us. This was undoubtedly because women were having their inboxes flooded with messages.  No wonder they couldn’t decide who to message back.

Eventually, we were able to make contact with a couple of women who decided to respond to us. However, this ended up fizzling out rather quickly. The women didn’t seem very serious about the correspondence. And most of their replies were rather lack-luster.

This meant that most conversations didn’t last very long. At most, we were able to get a few messages and then the interactions stopped completely. Thus, we didn’t get very far with this site at all, even with just communicating with women.

With Swipe-Affair, though, our experience was quite different. We could match with women almost immediately. Most of them fit what we were looking for as well. When we did message them, they actively communicated with us and were quite engaging.

Security and Privacy

It is important to be safe on dating sites, particularly if you are a woman or trying to have a discreet affair. With Victoria Milan, though, there isn’t a great deal of security in place. For one thing, you are discouraged from giving your real name or email address.

While this may seem like your identity is being protected, it also can lead to a host of other problems. If you do have an issue with a user, the site managers can’t help you in any way. Female users may not want to meet up with men who have such private identities.

With Swipe-Affair, however, you are encouraged to verify your identity. This signals to other users that you are a safe and dependable individual. Needless to say, this puts everyone’s mind at ease. It will also make women more likely to reach out to you.

Another frustrating element of Victoria Milan is that your profile isn’t automatically deleted when you discontinue your subscription. It will continue to remain until you contact the company and go through a long procedure to delete your profile.

This is not a good option when trying to have a discreet affair. The longer your profile stays up without your consent, the greater the chance there is of being found out. Thus, this can make the site somewhat tedious to use.

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The Final Verdict

So, how does Victoria Milan work as a dating site for affairs? Well, it isn’t the worst site out there, but it certainly doesn’t rank very high either. There are plenty of issues to be fixed before this can be a safe and suitable site for users.

Furthermore, the user base of the site is a little off. The sheer number of men can make it an uncomfortable experience for women. Men, on the other hand, may have a lot of trouble trying to even get into contact with women in the first place.

This is why you are much better off joining a site like Swipe-Affair.com. Sure, it may not have as many users, but this may be a positive point. After all, the fewer people there are, the lower your chances of being found out. At the very least, the ratio between men and women will ensure that you are more likely to find a suitable partner.

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