Coronavirus Causes Spike In ‘Self-Isolation’ Online Dating

There is no doubt that the entire human race may perhaps be passing through one of the most challenging times. The outbreak of coronavirus in China sometime during December 2019 has literally turned the upside down. Coronavirus today has become worldwide and has instilled big fear and uncertainty in the minds of millions of people across the world. China and now Italy have seen deaths by the thousands and the virus continues to be in a devastating infecting-spree. In view of this grim situation, there is no other option for the respective governments but to impose a total lockdown.

Since the virus spreads rapidly through people to people contact, social distancing is perhaps the only way by which the virus can be controlled. The shutdown or self-isolation will certainly not have the desired impact if it is for one day or a couple of days. It could last weeks and even months and this is the sad fact. Such self-imposed isolation or social distancing is indeed quite a painful affair. Human beings by nature are social animals and they like to be in touch with family members, relatives, friends, colleagues and neighbors. Men and women like to meet one another personally and build relationships which may culminate into love and marriage. However, since this becomes extremely difficult and perhaps even impossible in the current scenario, there is a spike in self-isolation online dating sites and there are obviously justifiable reasons for this.

Significant Improvement in Traffic on Dating Sites

Whether it is sites such as SexyMeets or some other renowned site, there certainly has been a spurt in the traffic on almost all dating sites. There does not seem to a swift end to the dangers caused by coronavirus and it certainly looks a long-drawn affair. Therefore, singles have no other option but to look for health-conscious ways of connecting with others. In fact, there has been a big increase in the demand for online dating, both nationally and internationally.

The countries that have been severely impacted by coronavirus such as China, Italy, Spain, France and the United State are the ones that have shown a big increase in the demand for online dating. Though the increase has been there across all cities of the USA, it has been quite big in some states like New York, Washington and California. This also has happened across other cities and provinces in China, Italy, France and Spain. It is quite understandable because it would be too difficult and even impossible for thousands of people to stay quarantined within the four walls of the home.

Let Us Look At Some Numbers

According to some research-based numbers around 82 percent of single have had no other option but to turn to online dating because of corona virus outbreak. The numbers look even more interesting when we dig a bit deeper. Only five percent of those who were interviewed agreed that it would be a good idea to meet persons physically for dating. Around thirty percent believed that they are out there on sites like Flirtia to find out potential long-term partners. Their intention is to build long term relationships if possible. They would like to use this time and situation to cement relationships, understand one another better and eventually meet them in person when things become a bit more manageable. Almost 50 percent of online daters strongly believe that they are into dating in such difficult times with a specific reason. They would like to know the people who they have become friends with online. Further. 60% of those who have been surveyed also preferred online dating even before the coronavirus outbreak became a reality as it is today.

It Helps To Overcome Loneliness

There is no doubt that one of the biggest problems of being in self-isolation is the pangs of loneliness that we all may suffer from. If one is into relationships with the right partner, or if they have children out of the relationships, things might look much better. They need some avenue to engage with other human beings. Some may have pets with them but again the need for another human being to interact and share views is something that helps human beings to stay positive, upbeat and happy. They believe that these online dating sites help them to feel that they are being cared for and it also plays a big role in increasing their self-respect.

It Could Help In Breaking The Ice

There are obviously some advantages as far as online dating is concerned. It helps to be at ease with strangers which is simply not possible in a real-life dating situation. Further, in these times of forced isolation, it is possible to come across the right match which may not have been possible in a normal situation. Further, many people, both men and women are extremely nervous and uncomfortable when it comes to meeting their prospective partners and perhaps even soul mates for the first time in a physical environment. Online dating could help break this fear and discomfort. It could help them to break the ice. In times such as these when minds are stressed and tensed, these online platforms could play a big role in helping men and women to get cozy and close to one another mentally and emotionally. Once this happens, when they meet in time, it could easily culminate into physical relationships that are based on mutual love and respect.

The Final Word

There is no doubt that there are justified reasons for the growing numbers as far as online dating is concerned. The numbers even during normal times have always grown because of the inherent advantages and benefits associated with it. In today’s situation, where meeting people either inside homes or outside is fraught with many dangers and risks, there is no doubt that these dating sites have come as a big blessing in disguise. They have helped in fulfilling some basic requirements like having some friends to talk to, and getting out of boredom and loneliness. When they get comfortable with one another, these online dating sites are perhaps the best way forward for taking things forward and ensuring that the relationship graduates to the next higher level. While not advisable, in days of extreme loneliness and boredom, many of the online dating sites could also come in handy for casual flings. It may also help in developing genuine friendships without leading to the next fallout of such friendships. If you are looking to find a date or hookup online then why not try where you will be sure to find someone to kill the time with.

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