Move Over Victoria Milan – Swipe-Affair Is the New Must-Use Dating Site

For a long time, Victoria Milan was a go-to site if you were looking to have a little fun on the side or engage in a fling. After all, it has certainly been around for long enough! If you imagine that this is the best or only option for you, though, think again. In reality, Swipe-Affair is legions better than Victoria Milan.

Not heard about Swipe-Affair? Well, that’s not a problem – here is your crash course in what this site has to offer you. You can also understand why Victoria Milan is definitely not right for you and why it is time that you look elsewhere.

Get a Detailed Intro

Most dating sites require you to sign up with their site before you are allowed to see what it has to offer. This means that most people don’t really know what they are getting into, before they register. Needless to say, this can cause you to waste quite a bit of time with third-rate dating sites.

This isn’t the case with Swipe-Affair, though. The Help Center on the site is incredibly useful. It details how the site works and describes all the features that you are likely to encounter. The site even gives you some guidance on how to sign up and create a more effective profile for yourself.

If you want to take a close look at how the site functions, you can do this. Swipe-Affair gives a free trial. So, once you have set up your profile, you are provided with free coins. You can use these coins to explore the site, check out the members, and even engage in conversations with people.

This tactic takes all the guesswork out of Swipe-Affair. You don’t have to assume how it works or even try to figure out whether the members are real or fake. Instead, you can try it out for yourself.

Now, Victoria Milan does allow you to sign up for free as well. However, their “free” functions are incredibly limited. For one thing, virtually all the profiles are blurred and you can’t really get too much information about them. Sure, you can send Winks or add these profiles to your Favorites list. However, without knowing who these people are, it is a wasted effort.

If you want to carry any kind of meaningful task on Victoria Milan, you will need to subscribe to one of their packages. Only then will you be able to see the type of people on the site.

Choose Your Matches More Carefully with Swipe-Affair

Just because you are looking for a fling doesn’t mean that you can’t have a particular type in mind. After all, you need to find someone attractive and even interesting before you move things to a physical level. With Swipe-Affair, it is a lot easier to find someone who is actually suitable to you.

Profiles on

This is because the site gives the opportunity to talk about yourself on the site. You can give a brief description of yourself in the About Me section. Or, you can provide people with hints about your interests. This way, you can make sure that you are attracting the right person.

Victoria Milan doesn’t really make this kind of effort with their profiles. Rather, the questions are rather straightforward. The site is only interested in what kind of sexual experience you are looking for. Beyond that, they don’t try to pair up people based on other criteria.

Swipe-Affair Pays Attention to Preferred Criteria

Of course, providing criteria only makes sense if you can guarantee that the site is actually going to use this to narrow down the list of people for you. Well, Swipe-Affair does just this. In particular, they pay close attention to main criteria such as age and location. This ensures that you aren’t clogging up your profile with any unnecessary matches.

The same can’t be said for Victoria Milan. Even though you specify that you only want to meet people from a particular location, the website suggests people from all over the globe. Needless to say, this doesn’t really make too much sense if you would like to have a physical fling. Not to mention, this tactic does make you wonder about just how many people Victoria Milan has for you to match up with.

Increase Your Chances Exponentially with Swipe-Affair

It doesn’t make much sense to sign up with a dating site that doesn’t allow you to meet the right people. After all, the reason that you headed online was because you wanted to increase your chances of meeting someone who is interested in a discreet affair. Well, Swipe-Affair can make this happen for you.

Although Swipe-Affair is newer than some of the better known sites, it has grown by leaps and bounds thanks to its commitment to quality and its user-friendly features. This means that you can meet thousands of people all across Europe. And, the more people that you can meet, the better your chances of finding a match.

Another great thing is that Swipe-Affair makes a lot of effort to ensure that its users are real. The site frequently monitors profiles to ensure that they are only used by real people and for the right reasons. Due to this, you are unlikely to come across scammers or bots.

As an added bonus, there is a good balance between men and women. This is excellent news for both parties. For women, it means that you will not be overwhelmed with too many messages from desperate men. And, for men, it ensures that you have an equal shot at getting a woman’s interest.

Victoria Milan can’t guarantee the same experience. For one thing, it appears that there are far more men than women. This means that you have to work a lot harder to gain a woman’s attention. What is really a letdown, though, is the number of fake profiles on the site.

It can be difficult to know if you are talking to a real woman or if you are being deceived by a bot or a scammer. Thus, you do have to pay close attention to whom you are speaking to and how the conversation is going.

Enjoy Swipe-Affair’s No-Fuss Features

With Swipe-Affair the “dating” process is incredibly simple. You simply search up preferred profiles, read through them to see if you like what you see, and then message the individual. This is an especially good option since there are so many people to meet on the site. If you feel that one connection isn’t working out, you can simply move onto another.

Victoria Milan has a more complicated setup. This is because members have the right to “censor” certain information such as whether they are a smoker, drinker, or what languages they speak. As a result, you have to click “Ask” and wait for the member to get back to you.

Now, this feature would make sense if more sensitive information is involved. However, the details that are censored is very basic – the kind that you need to know before you contact someone or want to speak to them further. Having this feature for fundamental questions means that you waste a lot of time with back-and-forth questions that don’t really get you anywhere.

Pay as You Play with Swipe-Affair

Most people can be rather hesitant to sign up for paid dating sites, and this is fair enough. This is because most sites force you to sign up for subscriptions. So, if you don’t use a site often enough, it can often feel like you are wasting money.

This isn’t something that you have to worry about with Swipe-Affair, however. This is because the site relies on pay-per-use basis. For instance, you only have to top on coins whenever you want to use a specific feature. There is no need to pay by the month. As a result, you never end up wasting money.

With Victoria Milan, though, you have to sign up for a one month, three month, or six month subscription. And, these subscriptions aren’t cheap. Also, if you aren’t happy with your experience, there is nothing that you can do about it – your money is lost. Also, the site will automatically renew your subscription without warning, putting you at risk of losing out on even more money.

Respect Your Online Privacy? No Problem!

When using a site to have an affair, you would naturally be concerned with how your data is used. This is especially true if you decide to delete your profile. Well, with Swipe-Affair, deleting a profile, automatically deletes all your associated details. So, no one else can get their hands on them.

Victoria Milan, on the other hand, gives you the run around here. Although you can deactivate your account, it doesn’t mean that your account is automatically deleted. Instead, you have to follow a different process to get the account deleted. Even then, you can’t guarantee how your personal information will be used.

There isn’t any competition, really. Swipe-Affair is so much better than Victoria Milan. So, if you are looking for a discreet and legitimate website for a quick fling, then you know exactly which site you should be heading to.

So what are you waiting for, why not try completely free right now?

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